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“Shrimps-giving” Dressing Recipe

  Cuisine – Southern/Acadian Servings – 4 Prep Time – 20 minutes Cook Time – 45 minute Total Time – 1 hour 5 minutes   Ingredients: 8 cups French bread (preferably stale) – cubed or torn into 1/2-1” 1lb Andouille sausage – cut into quarter moons 4T Unsalted Butter 1C Yellow Onion – small dice [Read More]


Ribeye Meatball Recipe

Ribeye Meatball Recipe Cuisine – American-German Skill Level – Intermediate Prep Time – 15 minutes Cook Time – 20 minutes Yield – 18 Meatballs Ingredients: 2lb Ground Ribeye 1C Panko Breadcrumbs 1/2C Grated Parmesan 4 Garlic Cloves – minced 1 Yellow Onion – minced 2T Fresh Rosemary – minced 2T Fresh Parsley – minced 2T [Read More]


Pork Belly Carbonara

Serves – 4 Cuisine – Italian 1lb Vermicelli or Thin Spaghetti (makes 4-6 to 8oz portions) Ingredients per serving: 8oz Cooked Pasta 2 large eggs (1 for pasta and 1 for garnish) 1C Derby Sage – grated (substitute Parmesan) 4oz Smoked Pork Belly – diced (substitute 4 slices bacon) 4 each Garlic cloves – minced [Read More]


Baked Blue Tomato Soup Recipe

1st set of ingredients: 3lbs Roma Tomatoes (Cored and Halved) 1 Red Onions- Sliced 8 Garlic Cloves 2oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1t Ground Black Pepper 1T Kosher Salt 1T Sugar 1oz Basil Leaves 2nd set of ingredients: 1 – 15oz Cab San Marzano Tomatoes 3rd set of ingredients: 2C Heavy Whipping Cream 1/2 Blue [Read More]


Saffron Citronette

Skill Level – Intermediate Origin – Spain Uses – Salad or Seafood Yield – 5 cups Ingredients: 2C White Balsamic Vinegar 1t Saffron Threads 1 Medium Red Onion – brunoise 4T Dijon Mustard 2T Sugar 1 Lemon – zest and juice 1 Orange – zest and juice 2C Olive Oil TT Sea Salt and Ground [Read More]


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